Creating A "Forever House"... again

It has been a staggering six months since my last blog post and while I have certainly been busy with the hectic Spring/Summer real estate market, I also have a personal project that has been eating up my limited free time: a whole house remodel! 

And by "whole house remodel" I literally mean the whole house. After salvaging and donating as much as possible, we demolished everything to the studs and basically started from scratch. Including (but not limited to): relocating the kitchen, flopping the floor plan of the upstairs master suite, vaulting the ceilings, reconfiguring the downstairs guest bathroom, replacing all of the mechanical systems, completely insulating- no stone has been left unturned. Oh, did I mention the addition with the NanaWall and the heated concrete floors? 

The crazy thing is, this is not the first time my husband and I have created our "forever house". In 2011, we fully renovated our house in San Francisco with the expectation that we would live there for at least 20 years, only to move to Mountain View nine months after it was complete. Crazier still: I don't mind one bit. I'm one of those strange and rare birds who actually enjoys the process of remodeling a home. Which comes in handy given my career choice :) 

Speaking of which, I've also been busy preparing a new listing for sale. More on that tomorrow.