Green Product: Replenish Cleaner

I came across this product in Safeway a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited I  almost did a little dance in the aisle. Which sounds a little crazy because it is, after all, just a cleaning product.

But really, it is much, much more than just a cleaning product. It is revolutionary! It addresses one of the biggest environmental and economic challenges in Consumer Packaged Goods (that's the stuff you buy in the grocery store): the fact that we spend millions (billions?) of dollars and burn ridiculous amounts of fossil fuels each year shipping WATER around the country! And the world too, for that matter. Because many of the products we purchase are 90%+ water. Think: laundry detergent, soda, soups, juices, and just about anything in the home cleaning aisle. All of these products are mostly water and water is HEAVY, which means - expensive and inefficient to ship. 

The folks at Replenish have devised a simple and elegant solution to this problem - at least as it relates to All-Purpose Cleaners (APCs to you CPG peeps - I know you love your acronyms!). You purchase a reusable bottle that has a pod at the bottom loaded with super-concentrated cleaner. This concentrate is enough for three full bottles of cleaner and after that is used up, you just replace the pod, which also reduces plastic waste.

One word: Brilliant. And I'm hoping this catches on. It's a very challenging product proposition because most consumers don't think about the environmental impact of water in the products they buy. But I'll be doing my part to support this company and others like it with my dollar at the grocery store.