(Sub)Urban Farming

Spring is almost upon us and our family has been excitedly preparing for her arrival! In January, we built our raised vegetable beds. 


In February, we assembled our composter. 


And just this month, our chicken coop arrived. 


Like so many other families across the country and around the world, we are putting the land that we have at our disposal to productive use. I actually thought that raising our own chickens was a bit extreme (I am after all, a city-girl), but when my husband and I went to find a "how to" on raising chickens at a book store on Castro Street, I was surprised to find a whole display shelf dedicated to the subject right at the front of the store! So we are not such radical trailblazers after all (phew - maybe our neighbors won't hate us). 

I am hopeful that this is not just a trend or a fad for us or our like-minded neighbors. The land our home was built on was all orchards at one point in time and after decades of almost exclusive ornamental gardening, it's nice to think about all of the natural resources (land, water, sun) being put to good and productive use!