GREEN: More Than Just a Last Name


Regardless of personal politics, we can all agree that living in a way that meets our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, is the right thing to do.  That is the idea behind living sustainably and it doesn't require major life changes or large capitol investments, as some might think. Here are some simple DIY tips for living more sustainability: 

  • Replace incandescent lightbulbs with Campact Florescent Lightbulbs or LED Lightbulbs
  • Add weather stripping to doors or caulk to windows to reduce drafts 
  • Buy local: whether it is produce at your local farmer's market or furniture from your local cabinet maker, purchasing from near-by sources reduces carbon emissions from long-haul transportation
  • Reduce or eliminate lawn and plant native plant species to reduce watering 

If you're interested in more tips and ideas or would like a referral to an expert sustainable designer, builder or tradesperson, please contact me.


While sustainable living starts at home, it certainly has a place in the office as well. And in a paper-laden industry like real estate sales, revisiting business practices with a focus on sustainability can do great things to reduce waste. The digital age has brought with it a reduced reliance on paper, as today's buyers view detailed photographs and property information on the internet instead of relying on paper brochures and property statements.  New technology has enabled us to review and edit documents digitally and even electronically sign legal documents, such as contracts and disclosures. By understanding the advantage of and utilizing these new tools, we can take a transaction from start to close virtually 100% paper-free.